As U.S. Detains Iraqis, Families Plead for News

In my world news meanderings last night I also came across this story from the New York Times. A Murdoch paper, but none the leass a good article.

Iraq is missing many of its men and children – not just from Collateral damage, but locked up by the yanks.

Teaser excerpts:

“Iraq has a new generation of missing men. But instead of ending up in mass graves or at the bottom of the Tigris River, as they often did during the rule of Saddam Hussein, they are detained somewhere in American jails.

..”American forces are still conducting daily raids, bursting into homes and sweeping up families. More than 10,000 men and boys are in custody. According to a detainee database maintained by the military, the oldest prisoner is 75, the youngest 11.”

“It took the Americans five minutes to take my son,” said Fadil Abdulhamid. “It has taken me more than three weeks to find him.”

“Several men recently released from American jails in Iraq have said they were kicked in the head, choked and put in cold, wet rooms for days at a time. The American authorities declined to comment on the charges, pending the outcome of an investigation. Last month, they suspended 17 enlisted men and officers, including a battalion commander and a company commander, after abuse allegations surfaced at Abu Ghraib prison, where thousands of prisoners are being held. ”

Definitely worth a read. Makes the goings on at Guantanamo even more believeable.


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