Damned lies and war loot

Now I have dug up those articles I promised – ones that I came across in the last couple of months that I didn’t get around to posting.

This article, from the Sydney Morning Herald discusses the content of two recently released books that investigates the Bush and Cheney’s crony capitalism – how they made money in the past, and their current corporate interests:

Teaser Quotes:
…Vice-President, Dick Cheney, who even while in office receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in “deferred payments” from his old company, Halliburton, a giant oil services conglomerate which now has the lion’s share of (untendered) Pentagon contracts to rebuild Iraq.

“It is a simple fact that George Bush and Dick Cheney got rich through pretty much the same tricks, albeit on a smaller scale, as those that enriched Enron and other scandal-ridden corporations,”


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