Guantanamo: a symbol of US loss of values
The US does not believe the old rules apply in the war against terror.
The word Guantanamo has become shorthand throughout the world for American arrogance.

Guantanamo and the acronyms of despair
Guantanamo Bay, where the US military is holding suspected terrorists like Australian David Hicks, is coming increasingly under the spotlight, especially from Americans themselves. A picture of despair, privation and dubious interrogation methods is emerging. Michael Mori’s attack this week on the legal processes was particularly important because it was the first public criticism from within the military establishment.

US holds children despite pressure
The United States has held three child detainees at its military base in Guantanamo Bay for more than a year and the Pentagon said today it has no plans to move or free them, despite international pressure.
Nothing to compare though with Australia’s detention of children (see earlier blog entries).

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