I’m back.

After a foray into blogging at tripod, I return here, as blogger has a better API for posting entries.

Following on from my last post at http://uber-kiwi.tripod.com/blog , this article appeared in the guardian: Revealed: the full story of the Guantanamo Britons

I came across this story reading Russell Brown’s “Hard News” column – a column of the online NZ news site scoop.co.nz. The article, originally published on the site PUBLICADDRESS.NET brings together some good information on Guantanamo.

Note that during this last gulf war, scoop was one of the only western news web sites to show pictures of “Collateral Damage” in Iraq, and I find it worth subscribing to their email news service.

Russell Brown is a columnist for the reputable New Zealand current affairs magazine “The listener”


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