Baby Ghazal’s got a new name: No. 390

From April 13, 2004

An eight-month-old girl is closely watched by guards. Her parents’ crime is to have asked for freedom, writes Chris Goddard.
….This time I have seen something that I should never have seen. I have been to see an eight-month-old girl, small for her age, smiling at her parents, soon to be walking, her every move watched by guards. I have seen an infant behind grey wires and electric fences, in a high-security prison on the edge of Australia’s dead heart. I have seen her parents found guilty, without trial, of wanting freedom. I have seen parents so proud of their first-born, but so close to despair. I have seen an infant given a number. I have seen a baby girl kept in a cage……

Dr Chris Goddard is interim director of Monash University’s national research centre for the prevention of child abuse.


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