Iraq Under the U.S. Thumb

I was thinking back to this article I mentioned earlier in this blog, and the comment about Order 39:

Iraq Under the U.S. Thumb: “‘ The laws include Mr. Bremer’s Order 39, which drastically changes Iraq’s previous constitution to allow foreign companies to own 100 per cent of Iraqi assets (except in natural resources), and to take 100 per cent of their profits out of the country, paving the way for massive privatizations.”

When you think of this in conjunction with the fact that British foreign aid is now targeted at countries willing to sell off their assets to big business, it makes all this World Bank, foreign aid stuff that I always thought was great looks like a sham.

These superpower funded aid agencies just seem to be a cover for taking over the assets of poor countries. Block their trade, wait for them to go bust, and then go in and clean up.


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