The corruption of democracy

Last week The Age published, under the Title “The corruption of democracy”, the edited version of Queen’s counsel Tony Fitzgerald’s written speech for the Sydney launch of journalist Margo Kingston’s book Not Happy, John – Defending our Democracy (Penguin, 2004).

It gives Australia, Australian politicians and the public a good rebuke.

However, in todays paper, Michael Scammell, a former media officer for the US consulate in Melbourne takes issue with this in The Age artcile The real corrupters of democracy? The media, trying to point the finger at the media as the source of the corruption of democracy.

My view: It’s only with a free and open media that we can have true democracy and “keep the bastards honest”.

That brings up my next (soon) blog entry. Channel 9 is owned by Kerry Packer, and the respected “Sunday’ show did a hatchet Job on Mark Latham on Sunday. There is a huge amount of muck raking at present. Most of it is coming from the non-indpendent media who have taken ‘sides’ and are out to influence our opinions.

“The Australian”, “Hearld Sun”, – News Corp (Rupert Murdoch)
Channel 9, – Kerry Packer

Fairfax publish the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, and seem to be free of their owner’s opinions.


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