Why can’t Arabs understand it’s all part of the show?

The Australian: Why can’t Arabs understand it’s all part of the show? [June 30, 2004].

Emma Tom, who appears on Sunrise, the channel 7 breakfast show once a week, and who is a bit if a dag writes this cute satire, which is very unusual for an Aussie as satire normally whizzes over the head of the average aussie.

“DEAR Al-Jazeera,
We here in the Axis of America want to register our disgust at your continued broadcasting of gruesome casualties and kidnappings in the Middle East.

Now that we’ve handed the new and improved Iraq back to its people (don’t you just love a makeover?) we think it’s high time you learned to deal responsibly with images of ultra violence by following the lead of the civilised world and restricting it to blockbuster films and children’s cartoons.”……….

…Modern warfare is a precision operation and the terms used to describe it should reflect this fact. If cute little kiddies happen to be bombed into bloody stumps, they should not be filmed but referred to obliquely as collateral damage or, if absolutely necessary, pink mist. This is a clean war, remember?

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