Aussie Government sticks it up the refugees again – Court upholds indefinite detention

Fairly shocked at this High Court decision as it is very un-Australian. Australia’s treatment of refugees and asylum seekers is shocking, and it will only get better under a Labor government.

Court upholds indefinite detention – Immigration – “The High Court has upheld the Federal Government’s right to detain failed asylum seekers indefinitely in a decision that has angered refugee supporters and opposition parties.

The court, in a 4-3 finding yesterday, ruled that unsuccessful asylum seekers who could not be removed to another country despite their wish to leave Australia could be held in immigration detention indefinitely.

It overruled an earlier Federal Court ruling that failed asylum seekers should not be detained indefinitely if no country could be found to take them.

The decision has led to calls for a bill of rights and amendments to migration legislation. Civil libertarians say the ruling fails to recognise basic human rights and a lawyer drew comparisons to the situation of David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib in Guantanamo Bay.”


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