Civilian death toll in Iraq exceeds 100,000

Until this report, innocent civilian deaths caused by coalition forces in Iraq were estimated at around 15,000. Makes the 3,000 killed in New York’s world trade center attack look hardly worth worrying about – the US are mounting terror bombing attacks on civilians every day.
“Civilian death toll in Iraq exceeds 100,000”

The Lancet report is here: Mortality before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq: cluster sample survey


I want to be an indy car driver.

I want to be an indy car driver. Just watching the Lexmark Gold Coast Indy 300, and an Interview with Alex and Bronte Tagliani.

Wife of Alex Tagliani.

Bronte was a Miss Indy Australia contestant when they met two years ago. Each contestant was assigned to a driver before the start of the race and Bronte was the one who held Tagliani’s sign beside his car.

Self-absorption wins the day – Election 2004

“It was not the extraordinary public spending spree of the election campaign that sank Labor but the sustained private consumption binge that Australians have been on for the past decade.

Booming house prices coupled with unprecedented levels of consumer debt have left most Australians absorbed by their own material circumstances, with little room left for thoughts of building a better society.

Driven not by financial need but by the very aspirations that Mark Latham has lauded, Australian households are in debt up to their necks, and that has meant hundreds of thousands of people have looked at their partners across the kitchen table and said: “If interest rates go up by a couple of per cent then we’re stuffed.”

Having the bank foreclose on you must be one of life’s more unpleasant experiences, especially if you have measured your success and place in society by the pile of things you own.

Sure, the economists said that interest rates were no more likely to go up under Labor than the Coalition, but why take the risk if nothing else really matters to you?”

Self-absorption wins the day – Election 2004 – “As long as Australians are preoccupied with house prices, credit card debts, interest rates, tax cuts and getting ahead – in other words, as long as they define their success in life by money – Labor will never win, except by mimicking the Liberal Party.”

If you can’t say something nice, you’re on to a winner

Well, Aussie seem to be perfectly happy with the status quo as they re-elected dishonest John and his motley crew.

They ran a dirty campaign – see the article. They also pushed the line that interest rates would go up under labor. As Australians are some of the most indebted people around – with mortgages averaging around the $300,000 mark, this really hit home. The problem is that interest rates are determined by the reserve bank, and rates are/were forecast to b exactly the same under either party.

Anway, I’ll post some links here regarding the election.

If you can’t say something nice, you’re on to a winner – Election 2004 –

Thank heavens there are some polies that agree with me

“Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett said he was disappointed but not surprised by the High Court judgment.

He said it was a well documented fact that children suffered in detention, as proved in the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Report on children in detention.

The report found children in immigration detention for long periods of time were at high risk of serious mental harm and said the detention regime was fundamentally inconsistent with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

‘When you add the findings of this report to the recent High Court ruling that child protection laws do not cover children in immigration detention, it is obvious that we need to strengthen laws against child abuse,’ Senator Bartlett said.

‘The system of detaining children is child abuse and there is no excuse for child abuse.

‘This is another reason why we need federal child protection laws to give children some protection against severe breaches of their rights contained in laws such as the Migration Act.'”

Law sanctioning child abuse must change: Democrats – Immigration –

Legal to imprison little kiddies in Australia

The Australian Government, in particular Phillip Ruddock (see previous posts on children in detention) ARE A PACK OF WANKERS, and I hope those smug private school tossers get voted out of office this weekend in the federal election.

This ruling by the high court I am sure was handed down by their boss, Mr Ruddock.

Main points:

The court found the children were lawfully detained under the Migration Act.

In an unanimous decision, the High Court held it was within the power of the Commonwealth to legislate for the detention of children as well as adults.
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It said the Migration Act did not distinguish between unlawful non-citizens who were above and below the age of 18 years.

“There is no basis in the text for reading the references to persons, or to unlawful non-citizens, as limited to persons who have attained the age of 18 years.”

So when is child not a child? When they are an ‘unlawful’ non-citizen.

Full story:
Legal to lock up children, rules High Court – Immigration – “Legal to lock up children, rules High Court”