Legal to imprison little kiddies in Australia

The Australian Government, in particular Phillip Ruddock (see previous posts on children in detention) ARE A PACK OF WANKERS, and I hope those smug private school tossers get voted out of office this weekend in the federal election.

This ruling by the high court I am sure was handed down by their boss, Mr Ruddock.

Main points:

The court found the children were lawfully detained under the Migration Act.

In an unanimous decision, the High Court held it was within the power of the Commonwealth to legislate for the detention of children as well as adults.
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It said the Migration Act did not distinguish between unlawful non-citizens who were above and below the age of 18 years.

“There is no basis in the text for reading the references to persons, or to unlawful non-citizens, as limited to persons who have attained the age of 18 years.”

So when is child not a child? When they are an ‘unlawful’ non-citizen.

Full story:
Legal to lock up children, rules High Court – Immigration – “Legal to lock up children, rules High Court”

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