War on Terror: Stuck in Guantanamo

I am at a bit of a loose end this evening. Decided to surf the International news sites and came across this story in Der Spiegel that is so reminiscent of the plight of Australian detainee David Hicks.

Murat Kurnaz from Bremen, Germany is imprisoned in Guantanamo. The United States accuses him of being associated with a suicide bomber. The only problem? The suicide bomber is still alive and living as a free man in Germany. Kurnaz, though, remains behind bars.”

Read the story Stuck in Guantanamo.

David Hicks is also having a tough time of it.Guantanamo is not a place to be if you want a fair trial.

See story Hicks losing his mind.

VERY GOOD portal on “War on Terror” being kept at the age as a special feature – heaps of links.


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