USA = two different countries in one?

Surfing around Slate today came across a few good post election article. One of the questipons that I wondered was whether the moderate states could decalre independence from the U.S.

The map that they used to display the election results showed that the entire centre – top to bottom – of the U.S were red-necks. The only democratic people live on the west and east coasts. It appeared to be a map of three different countries!

I’m clearly not the first to think this – the following article from Slate is just about that – what a coincidence!

Could the Blue States Secede? – Is there a legal way to opt out of the Union? By Sam Schechner: “Even before Sen. John Kerry conceded defeat in the presidential election, some bitter blue-staters had begun joking about the possibility of seceding from red-state America. Which makes you wonder: Are there any provisions in U.S. law for a state to opt out of the Union?”


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