4WDs – The cars that ate suburbia

Excellent article in the Sydney Morning Herald Drive section last weekend on 4 wheel drives. It does a good job of bringing together most of the relevant facts and stats, but at the same time is a good read.

One of the things mentioned below is that Ford’s marketing research shows that reveals that four-wheel-drivers are seen as ‘exhibitionists, would-be’s and wankers’. I’m not sure if that is new research done in Australia, but it sounds very similar to a study Ford did in the US 5 years ago or so, where FORD DECIDED that SUV owners are exhibitionist selfish wankers! – that is what Ford thinks of their SUV buying customers! I’ll find the link to that. Anyway read the SMH article! Pass it on to a 4WD owner, and then get out there and start torching 4WDs.

Drive.com.au: “clandestine ‘Toorak Tractor tagging’ campaigns continue in Melbourne, with stickers such as ‘I’m polluting your air’ and ‘Child Killing Vehicle’ being pasted next to ‘Baby on Board’ signs. Anti-SUV sentiment is also believed to be stoking the documented rise in road rage. According to the aforementioned AAMI survey, for example, SUV drivers are 11/2 times as likely as regular drivers to meet with abuse in shopping centre car parks. Even Ford Australia’s own marketing research, sighted by Good Weekend, reveals that four-wheel-drivers are seen as ‘exhibitionists, would-be’s and wankers’.”


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