Film -vs- Digital

I really liked this article, as it reflects my current thinking about digital photography. I have a nice Olympus C-5060 WZ 5.1 Megapixel camera, which always gets rave reviews, however I think a 99 USD Olympus mju II (stylus epic in the US) loaded with a roll of Fuji Reala would take it to the cleaners.

I’ll just reproduce the end verdict. Click on the link at the beginning to see the whole article.

Film -vs- Digital

” The Verdict:

I bought this digital camera to save me the costs of Film, to save myself time and to gain creative control with my Digital Darkroom.

The Reality:

A: You never use the digital camera because it is a pain

B: You use your digital camera but never make a picture because it is too time consuming and frustrating and no longer have a viable photo album on your coffee table to show your guests

C: You ended up spending more money on something that was going to save you money (how did that happen ?)

D: Your digital camera is now a piece of electronics that became instantly worthless in re-sale value the moment you bought it because of instant obsolescence. Your film camera if you remember correctly was always worth something no matter how long you owned it. If you bought a High Quality film camera, chances are it was worth more after 10 years than when you bought it because of inflation or collectibility.

E: Manufacturers will continue to make digital camera’s and forget about making new film camera models. Why ? Because you the consumer drives the market, but who’s steering – look back to the manufacturers making the money and spending there big marketing $$’s convincing you how great digital is.

F: Many people are buying back there old film cameras because they found everything I just mentioned to be true. How about you ? I think that digital cameras have there place as a viable creative tool and they make even more sense for the Professional that relies on there pictures to make there living. Digital has definate advantages for Professionals, like knowing instantly that you have your money shot (and Pro’s use a LOT of film, so this part actually makes sense for them). Remember, the biggest advantage of Digital is the ability to Immediatly view the picture when taken, this is a big advantage for certain people in certain situations (Pro’s, Sports Photographers, Photo Journalists etc..). The next biggest advantage of digital is latitude or low light capability. The advantages of film are more numerous and listed above.

Bottom Line: If you have the money for both, keep both available in your kit (if not, buy the tool that fits your needs best). Camera’s are tools for documenting your life and the world around you. They are also used as a form of creative expression. One of the most noteworthy and valuable things you will do in your life is take pictures. When you pass on, your children will fight over your pictures, not your big screen TV so don’t feel guilty spending appropriatly in this area – it is one of the better things in this world you can do with your money and one of the best hobbies and proefessions around. So strengthen your tool kit and have most off all have Fun with your photography!”


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