Sexy Poster makes nurses ill

Herald Sun: Poster makes nurses ill [04jan05]

VICTORIAN (that is, nurses in the Australian state of Victoria) nurses are revolting.

The modern day Florence Nightingales are banging their bedpans and calling for a boycott of all 39 Bras ‘n Things stores around the state.

They’re demanding the sexy lingerie chain do a bit of surgery on its latest catalogue, and amputate the Naughty Nurse outfit.

It’s an all-white bustier and mini-skirt, trimmed in lace with red piping and a Red Cross logo-thingy where the cleavage meets the material.

But just in case some people are on medication, and don’t quite get it, there’s even a cute little cap with “Naughty Nurse” written across it.

Oh, and the very handsome brunette doing the modelling for the catalogue and in-store posters is also carrying a stockwhip, but what that’s got to do with nursing is beyond us.

Anyway, the Victorian secretary of the Australian Nurses Federation, Lisa Fitzpatrick, has got the squirts about the whole thing.

“Most nurses, including the 8 per cent who are male, would find it offensive,” Fitzpatrick said.

“It’s straight out of the era – it’s very 1970s.

“Delvene Delaney has moved on and so should they.

“We encourage not just nurses but their patients and families not to go near these stores in protest.”

Fitzpatrick said the poster showed nurses as sex objects, rather than highly educated, skilled professionals.

The ANF national office is also having an attack of the vapours over the ad, and has shot off a letter to Bras ‘n Things after a dozen complaints lobbed.

The national ANF pres, Jill Iliffe, told us nurses would boycott Bras ‘n Things this month unless the outfit was dropped.

Bras ‘n Things management hasn’t said anything yet.


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