Habib Home!!

In all the papers here is the news that Mamdouh habib is finally home.

He heas been in detention for 3 years for a confession he made under torture in Pakistan. It was crap, the US knew it, and so he has been freed. You can be sure he was innocent because if there was ANY substance to the claims he would still be over there being tortured by the US military regime.

Unshackled, smiling and looking thin after three years in detention as a terror suspect, Mamdouh Habib arrived back on Australian soil yesterday. The former Guantanamo Bay prisoner flew into Sydney on board a Federal Government-chartered Gulfstream jet, which flew an American flag.

Mr Habib was accused of training with al-Qaeda by US authorities but never charged.

He was reunited with his family as fresh evidence emerged in the US supporting his claims of extreme interrogation techniques.

His Australian lawyer yesterday said he was gathering evidence to prove the Federal Government was aware Mr Habib was tortured in Cuba.

In one instance of the torture alleged by Mr Hopper, a prostitute stood over Mr Habib and menstruated on him.

Mr Habib’s American lawyer, Michael Ratner said the Australian Government faced serious questions about whether it had acted properly.

“I think in their anxiousness to bend over backwards to the US they probably did not defend Mr Habib’s rights adequately,” he told ABC radio.

But Foreign Minister Alexander Downer defended his detention and insisted Mr Habib would not get compensation or an apology.

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