Australian Government – part of the axis of evil?

Excellent opinion piece in the SMH today. It’s covers a bit of ground and is worth a read.

Main threads of the article are:

* Military and civilain deaths in Iraq and the public and medias indifference
* John Howard is a dick head
* Philip Ruddock is a dick head
* Mamdouh Habib to be hounded by the government and ASIO
* Kim Beazley is a dick head
* Shocking eye witness account of the deportation of a Pakistani from Australia

Reporter Andra Jackson wrote the story in Melbourne’s The Age eight days ago. She told of a woman passenger, Sonia Chirgwin, who saw two “burly men” drag the struggling man through a flight’s rear door in Sydney. The aircraft was on its way to Melbourne before returning to Bangkok.

The man was handcuffed, and chained from the handcuffs to a harness around his waist, with another chain from the harness to shackles around his legs. “Gaffer tape was wound around his head, covering his mouth, so tightly as to distort the shape of his face,” the woman passenger was quoted as saying. “He appeared to be in a state of terror. He was shaking his head a lot. They put a blanket over him and an eye mask on him during take-off. What I saw was brute force.” She was speaking out, she said, “to increase awareness that this is how people leave Australia”.

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