Australia knew of my abuse – Habib

Australia knew of my abuse – Habib – National –
“Since the September 11 terrorist attacks the US has been increasingly shifting suspects to countries with histories of brutal interrogation and torture.
Critics say the practice – which the Australian Government formally opposes – is state-sponsored abduction and allows the US to circumvent the human rights treaties it has signed.
According to Mr Habib’s US lawyer, Joseph Margulies, his client alleges his interrogators routinely abused and humiliated him in Egyptian prisons.
In this month’s New Yorker magazine Mr Margulies said the interrogators beat Mr Habib regularly, sometimes with an instrument he likened to an electric cattle prod.
They told him he would be raped by trained dogs if he did not confess to being a member of al-Qaeda and was, among other abuses, placed in a chamber filled with water and forced to stand on his toes for hours to avoid drowning.
They also allegedly used electric shocks to extract confessions, which Mr Habib made but later retracted.
Mr Habib’s release has been linked to the fact that any evidence built up against him would not stand scrutiny because it was obtained under extreme duress and intimidation.
Mr Habib also says he was severely mistreated at Bagram air base in Afghanistan, where he was taken to from Egypt on or about April 17, 2002.
He was then shifted to Guantanamo Bay, where, he says, he was subjected to more abuse, including being shackled while female US officers feigned menstruating over his face, using fake blood.
Mr Habib’s supporters describe him as a peaceful and devout Muslim and family man.”
….A spokeswoman for the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, said it had not yet been established that Mr Habib was taken to Egypt, even though Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, told SBS last July that Mr Habib was taken there after a request by US authorities…..


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