Beware the office powerpath

So says the Sydney Morning Herald“One in 10 Australian managers are deceitful, cold-hearted manipulators bent on attaining power for its own sake, new research shows. Devoid of empathy, they are reckless and leave a trail of wrecked careers, corporate destruction and a legacy of fear….

…. typically articulate, charming and confident, thrive in businesses with autocratic management cultures where they can curry favour with peers and superiors, while causing misery for those who report to them….

‘You’ll get senior management say, ‘So-and-so is really good. He has cleared out all the deadwood, all the non-performers.’ And then find three years later that the deadwood has not been cleared out. He has cleared out anybody who knew what he was, anyone who opposed him,’ he said. ‘He is actually a glib non-performer himself.’

…. powerpaths typically introduced meaningless reforms and endless reviews to cover up that they achieve very little. ‘They have no real goals, and what goals they do have are for themselves, not the institution they work for.'”

Pretty much describes an ex-manager of mine.

This subject is doing the rounds on the TV news features at the moment. It is interesting to me, as one of these psychos was one of my managers at Oracle Support Services, where I worked until the Peoplesoft-Oracle merger, when Oracle Australia let a bunch of staff go.

In fact, getting off side with this manager powerpath by challenging their lies and behaviour is the most likely reason that I was the only one chosen out of the team to go.

Check out the full story at the SMH: Beware the office powerpath – the boss who leaves a trail of destruction

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