Schapelle Corby collapses – trial postponed for week

The trial of accused drug trafficker Schapelle Corby has been adjourned for another week amid hysterical scenes after she collapsed in the witness chair.

I am going to be really annoyed with Indonesia and demanding my Tsunami money back if the Indonesians are mean enough to convict this girl.

It is obvious to any one that has followed the story that she is an innocent girl who went to Bali on hoiliday and had her luggage tampered with.

This could happend to anyone, as the past few months have shown that baggage tampering does happen at Australian airports by baggage staff, and there is also evidence that there is a drug ring using this method to ship drugs through Australian airports.

The Howard government has not done anything, with John wanker Howard today saying that he doesn’t know the details of the case, which is surprising considering it is one of the primary news pieces that has been running for weeks. Howard and his cronies just don’t want to upset the balance of the renewed diplomatic relations between the two countries since the boxing day tsunami.

There is a bloke raising money to use as an incentive for someone to come foreard with more information, however that is already too late as the judges have already come to a decision, and they pretty much ignored the testimony of whistleblowers who gave evidence of baggage tampering. Better I think to fund a private commando extraction team and lift the poor girl out of Bali.

“I don’t know the circumstances of it (the case), that is a matter for the courts, I am not in possession of all the facts,”

“I just hope justice is done and she’s treated fairly and decently and we have to have faith in the Indonesian justice system because that is the system that is trying her.”
— Courageous Prime Minister John Howard.

Just saw the following on a picture page at The Age for the Schapelle case. Looks like you can send donations to support the family who are fighting for her in that shit-hole.

A poster seen in the Gold Coast cafe owned by Schapelle’s brother.

Story from Corby trial postponed for week


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