American Nationalism, Imperialism, Christian Evangelism and more isms

Interesting opinion piece in The Age. Excerpt:

“Brian Rotman in the London Review of Books sums up American chosen-ness thus: ‘. . . in America, where every dollar bill proclaims the nation’s trust in God, where school children pledge allegiance each morning to God and the United States, where Jesus rules the patriotic lives of tens of millions . . . belief in the Almighty and the ongoing maintenance of American national identity are inseparable. Nowhere is this more evident and dangerous than in the fusion of evangelical Christianity and extreme-right imperialism that now controls the levers of American power. In thrall to the Bible and convinced once again of its Manifest Destiny, American exceptionalism continues to remake the world in its own image.’

Whatever happens in America happens in Australia 10 years later. Already Australia is drawn into the aura of American arrogance and ruthless militarism. Is it possible that the organisations that have been so influential in controlling the Republican Party and the national agenda, could also be infiltrating political institutions here?”

Beware the religious invasion of our polity – Opinion –

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