Schapelle Corby’s world falls apart

Schapelle Corby’s world falls apart –

“‘We state that the defendant, Schapelle Corby, is legally and convincingly guilty for having committed crimes … importing narcotics,’ ”

Schapelle Corby breaks down yesterday after learning that prosecutors want her to receive a life sentence.

What a corrupt country/legal system.

The three prosecutors rejected all the key evidence Corby’s lawyer had produced in their attempt to show someone had placed a 4.2-kilogram bag of marijuana in her boogie board bag while she was on her way to Bali in October.

Testimony from her key witness, Victorian prisoner John Patrick Ford, that a convicted drug dealer was the owner of the marijuana, was rejected.

“Looking at his background as a prisoner, the reason for him to testify before an Indonesian court is to taste freedom,” the prosecutors said.

Evidence from Bond University’s Professor of Criminology, Paul Wilson, that he could tell from meeting Corby that she did not know the drugs were in her luggage was also dismissed.

“His opinion is not based on accurate research on the defendant and her background.”

Prosecutors also criticised evidence from three of Corby’s travelling companions, who testified there was no marijuana in Corby’s luggage when she checked it in at Brisbane Airport.

They said the evidence was not given “to find truth and justice” as the law requires.

The Indonesians have no concept of truth and justice. If they did, Schapelle would be home.

WHY would anyone want to take Marijuana to Bali to sell when it is worth so much more in Australia?

Why would one plan a two week holiday after a drug deal in a country that executes drug dealers?

If the bag had the drugs in it when she checked it in, the baggage handlers would have checked it for being over weight (the airport management have said this on T.V).

She has no drug history, no criminal record. The only thing she has done is go to Bali on holiday with friends, and someone has planted drugs in he luggage somewhere between Australia and Bali.

Apparently indonesian judges pretty much sentence as the prosecution wishes so it looks like she will be in prison for life. Apparently the government is trying to negotiate that she serves her sentence in an Australian jail.

Don’t visit Bali.

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