Optical discs aren’t so immortal after all

Writeable CDs and DVDs, now being used millions of times a day to store everything from corporate tax returns to Little League pictures, may seem like one of the little wonders of the digital age. This little wonder, though, has a big problem: No one really knows how long the discs will last.

Fortunately, a mild-mannered civil servant at a small federal agency is stepping forward to meet the challenge. His name is Fred Byers, technical staff member at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Mr. Byers is the federal government’s go-to person on the care and handling of CDs and DVDs. Last year he wrote a comprehensive guide to the topic, an issue that is of no small importance to any number of federal agencies, starting with the Library of Congress and the IRS. Do a Web search on “Byers CD care guide,” and it comes up right away.

Currently it can be found HERE.

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Something’s rotten in CD land: Optical discs aren’t so immortal after all

Breaking point


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