Schapelle Corby: Send her to jail, prosecutors plead

Send her to jail, prosecutors plead – National –

Schapelle Corby goes to court in Denpasar yesterday.

Indonesian prosecutors made a final appeal to judges yesterday to convict accused drug smuggler Schapelle Corby and sentence her to jail for life.

They insisted marijuana in her luggage was hers because it was in her bag.

Prosecutor Ni Wayan Sinaryati rejected Corby’s arguments last week that the prosecution should have fingerprinted the plastic bags containing 4.1 kilograms of marijuana and should have accepted more evidence from Corby’s witnesses.

‘We stick to our sentencing request and don’t need to respond to the defence statement and the statement provided by Schapelle Leigh Corby,’ she said.

In an eight-page document, prosecutors said the defence ’emotionally used words or expressions that were unkind and full of cynicism, and even accused us, as well as officers of the customs and police, of violating the law’. [ÜberKiwi: What a shock – to think that someone might suggest they are a bunch of crooks.]

‘The marijuana, which was within the boogie board bag is legally and convincingly found to belong to the defendant.’

There was no need to fingerprint the bag of marijuana, Ms Sinaryati said, because Corby had already admitted the marijuana was in her luggage and the claim tag, customs declaration form and passport confirmed this, and was all the evidence needed for a conviction.

‘It’s not so important to consider the legal argument of the defence team regarding fingerprints,’ she said.

For most of the 20-minute hearing, Corby gazed at chief prosecutor Ida Bagus Wiswantanu, who kept his head down and studiously avoided her eye.

Prosecutors urged judges to ignore evidence from two of Corby’s travelling companions and her brother as their personal relationships with Corby should disqualify their testimony.

Evidence from an Australian baggage handler and a former Australian policeman was also dismissed by the prosecution on the grounds they had not seen or heard what had happened.

The defence reserved submissions until next Thursday when it will make final remarks before the judges deliver their verdict and sentence, likely on May 26 or a week earlier.


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