Airport link to cocaine ring arrests

Airport link to cocaine ring arrests – National –

“Baggage handlers at Sydney Airport allegedly helped smuggle cocaine for a multi-million dollar drugs ring that NSW and federal police say they have smashed.
Police yesterday arrested 11 men, including a former NSW police sergeant and a former merchant banker, in raids throughout the city and have charged them with conspiring to smuggle and supply 20-30 kilograms of cocaine.

Although none of the men were baggage handlers, police say they believe the syndicate could not have sneaked suitcases filled with drugs past customs for more than a year without the help of handlers, the Herald has learnt.

. . .

The targeting of baggage handlers comes amid concerns about security in cargo handling areas at Australian airports and claims by that Australian Schapelle Corby that the cannabis Indonesian authorities allegedly found in her luggage in October was planted.

Last night an adviser for Corby’s legal team, Vasu Rasiah, said he was shocked by news of the arrests but said it was too late to help Corby, who faces life in jail if convicted of drugs smuggling.”

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