Or should that be Dirty Japs and Dirty Phil?

In relation to the last post, it looks like Japan are being even more crooked than usual:

“JAPAN has been buying votes from small island nations to force the International Whaling Commission to lift the ban on hunting humpbacks.

For the first time since a moratorium was placed on whaling in 1986, the anti-whaling nations such as Australia look likely to lose their slim majority on the International Whaling Commission.

This would mean that Japan could get the go ahead for its humpback whaling proposal in a matter of weeks.

Under the charade of scientific research, the slaughter would result in humpback meat being put on the menu in restaurants. Whale meat is sold in Japanese markets and has even been re-introduced into schools.

Japan has embarked on an aggressive buying spree of Pacific Island nations and new members to the IWC to secure support so it can resume hunting humpback whales.

It is believed that generous aid programs have been offered in return for support on the 55-member country commission, which will vote on Japan’s proposal for hunting humpbacks in a meeting in June.

Japan successfully used a similar tactic in 2001 to oppose the Australian Government’s plan to create a South Pacific whale sanctuary when it got a bloc of Caribbean island states led by Antigua and Barbuda to side with it in exchange for development aid.”

Full story at The Daily Telegraph | Harpooning votes: the hunt’s back on:


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