The Face of War – David Leeson – The Digital Journalist

A Conversation with David Leeson Gallery – The Digital Journalist:

Sadly, this photo has never been published until now. Zahraa Ali, 4, lies in the burn unit at Al Karrch Hospital in central Baghdad. She and a three-month-old sister are the only members of her family who survived an aerial bombing which struck the family as they were driving. Her mother, father, 24-year-old brother and nine-year-old sister all died. The nine-year-old died at the hospital. Before she died she told doctors, ‘We were driving peacefully and then all I remember is fire.’

My newspaper published some very hard photos. But this one seems to be too much for almost anyone. I’m pleased she is being seen now. This is the face of war.”

Read a very interesting interview with David, a war photo journalist in “The Digital Journalist:” David Leeson Has Seen Hell


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