Australian Govt Paranoid and Fascist

Unbelievable story over the last week or so regarding the deporting of US peace activist Scott Parkin.

There is stuff all over the SMH and “The Age” so I wont go into details except to say that it is so blatantly medieval and fascist-state like that it is hard to believe.

In short:
US High School history teacher and anti-violent protest peace protestot had been talking at peace rallies about non-violent protest.

Attended an anti-Halliburton peace protest in Sydney “Colaition of the Billing”

ASIO and police swooped on him at while in a Cafe saturday last. Locked up with no explanation.

Deported with no explanation.

Parkin was given an invoice for A$11,700 for the costs of his detention, airfare for himself and the two security guards who the government insisted accompany him, as well as the cost of the guards’ acommodation in Los Angeles.

Under Australia’s punitive migration law, the Australian government bills those who are imprisoned for the costs of their imprisonment. It doesn’t matter if they fled oppressive regimes and arrived without documents.

He was in the country legally.

The government wont discuss it.

Rumour is it was at the request of Halliburton.

The deportation of Parkin is an ominous portent of how new anti-terrorism powers can and will be used by a government that, as of July 1, has a majority in both houses of the national parliament.

Illustrates how a government will invoke ‘national security’ in an attempt to justify the denial of basic legal rights and muzzle legitimate public debate.

Most Aussies more concerned about the price of Petrol than the loss of their rights.

MarkB – it’s all your fault. Latham would have told Halliburton to get f****d.

Bob Burton
Never Whoosh a spook

Rough Justice


3 thoughts on “Australian Govt Paranoid and Fascist

  1. C’mon this guy should be drawn and quartered, let him protest in his own country we dont need the likes of him here in our country where we are already plagued with the professional protesters paid by the labour movement!

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