News Limited (The Australian, Herald Sun) terrorism scare mongering

New Terror Laws will help Foil Terrorist Attacks?

POLICE have admitted there are potential suicide bombers living in Australia but tough new laws will help foil terror attacks.

“…laws that have been described as draconian, unjustified and “un-Australian” by lawyers and civil libertarians. These laws.. give police unprecedented powers to detain suspects without charge for up to 14 days. Federal police will be able to seek a 12-month control order on people as young as 16 who, they suspect, pose a risk to the community; they will be able to track people electronically – including the use of electronic shackling..”

“FEDERAL Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has left open the possibility of toughening Australia’s new anti-terrorism laws by extending the period for which suspects can be detained without charge.”

HERALD SUN (sister to “The Australian”)
CRITICS of Australia’s tough new anti-terror laws are passing judgment from a non-existent, ideal world.

UBERKIWI: How is electronic shackling going to stop a suicide bomber? Wouldn’t electronic shackling make them more angry and suicidal?

800 Terrorists in Australia?

The Australian also revealed that ASIO believed there were as many as 800 people of interest in Australia, some of whom could be inspired to carry out a terrorist attack.

Australians are now being asked to accept that hundreds of residents are potential terrorists. Perhaps the situation has deteriorated recently or possibly the meaning of “terrorist suspect” has been redefined.

But both Mr Keelty and Mr Ruddock rejected reports quoting security officials on the number of Muslim extremists in Australia.

Mr Ruddock said one report that ASIO believed there were up to 800 such extremists living here was “highly speculative” and no such figures were given to leaders at Tuesday’s terrorism summit. Mr Keelty said: “No one can ever be sure just how many people embrace the ideology or ideals of terrorism.”

UBERKIWI: The risk appears to being exaggerated to allow the states to roll over on Howard and Ruddick’s Fascist state agenda 🙂


Democracy on alert

Tougher terror laws may be considered

‘Clear threat’ of homegrown terror

Why wait so long to review anti-terror laws?

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