Do not expect arrests yet, says PM – National –

Now that the average Aussie has bought into Howard’s Wednesday terror threat, he is saying:

“AUSTRALIANS should not expect arrests within days just because urgent terror legislation was rushed through Parliament, Prime Minister John Howard said yesterday.

Announcing on Wednesday that the Senate was being recalled to make urgent changes to a terror law, Mr Howard said the Government had received specific intelligence this week about a potential terrorist attack. Consequently, changes to the law were required urgently, he said.

The Australian Federal Police confirmed yesterday that several terrorism investigations were under way but a spokeswoman said it was not investigating a specific threat, a specific date or a specific target.

Mr Howard said he had to amend the law to enable authorities to respond more effectively. ‘Now that doesn’t mean that something is going to happen in the next few days as some people have suggested this morning.

‘What it means is that as issues work out operationally, if I can put it that way, having this new law will mean that the response to situations as they emerge, and they can change every day and new situations can emerge, the authorities will be in a stronger position to deal with it.’

Über Kiwi: “In other words, there wasn’t a threat. I was just tricking because I wanted to change the topic from the IR reforms and get them off the front page. My comment though about trusting us not to abuse the powers we are seeking still stands though.”

The rushed minor changes were passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday and by the Senate yesterday.

Australian Democrats leader Lyn Allison said that by recalling the Senate the Government had pulled a stunt to heighten Australians’ fear of a terrorist attacks.”

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Do not expect arrests yet, says PM – National –

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