Reese Witherspoon on Australian Lamb

On 60 minutes, Reese Witherspoon advise that after her interview, she is going home to cook lamb chops. She knows where the best lamb comes from, and it is not Australia
Transcript: Blonde ambition:

“CHARLES WOOLEY: What are you cooking?

REESE WITHERSPOON: I don’t know. Ryan likes lamb. I might make some lamb chops.

CHARLES WOOLEY: Right. Do you get Australian lamb?

REESE WITHERSPOON: No, is it good?

CHARLES WOOLEY: Or New Zealand lamb, probably.

REESE WITHERSPOON: Probably New Zealand, yes.”


4 thoughts on “Reese Witherspoon on Australian Lamb

  1. Clearly Supes is an Australian.

    Most Australians make sheep jokes about Kiwi’s shagging sheep.

    I think because, in their (Australians) experience, that is what you do with sheep. After all, that is what they do with horses and Kangaroos.

    Clearly a nation that has not broken free of its criminal and deviant past.

  2. Obviously new Zealenders dont understand they are a lesser people than the great people of Australia, thats why half the population of kiwiland is in Australia!

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