Liberals a ‘party of fear and reaction’ – Malcolm Fraser

“‘The fact that the Government, with the support of the Opposition, has moved so far away from the rule of law demonstrates the fragility of our grasp of a liberal, democratic society.’

‘If we stand silent in the face of discrimination and in violation of the basic principles of humanity, then we betray our way of life.'”

The departures from the principles underlining that Liberal Party are substantial and serious. The party has become a party of fear and of reaction. It is conservative and not liberal. It is not led in positive directions. It has allowed and some would say promoted, race and religion to be part of today’s agenda. It is unrecognisable as liberal.

“We’re seeing a reversal of, if you like, centuries of advances in terms of human rights, the protection of the liberty of the individual against the overweening power of the state. Now we’re seeing that reversed and we’re seeing that reversed in a country that prides itself on its democracy. We’re seeing it reversed in secret. People can be made to disappear.”

“The Government also knows in relation to terrorism, that the public is concerned, even fearful, and can be made more fearful,”

Malcolm Fraser,
Former Liberal Australian Prime Minister

Fraser ponders quitting ‘party of fear’ – National –

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