Australia not the lucky country

Not according to this commentator in The Listener, New Zealand’s premier current affairs magazine.

“Immediately after John Howard was returned to office, the more intelligent Australian newspapers carried letters declaring: I’m moving to New Zealand. A leading national radio broadcaster confided that he, too, wanted to emigrate because Helen Clark was the most intelligent politician he had encountered.

Still, apart from the bliss of escape from a nation considered by some to be a toady of the US that has been disgraced by its refugee concentration camps and treatment of indigenous people, and is often characterised by vulgarity, greed and/or corruption in public life, why would you move? ”

And another gem:

“As New Zealander John McMillan, a Stanford University economics professor, pointed out in June, Kiwis ranked eighth happiest in the world on the Happiness and Human Development Index. Australians were 11th. In the same survey, Kiwis (17th) also said they were more satisfied with their job than Australians were (26th). Given their wealth, McMillan concluded that Australians were simply “whingers”.

Which again prompts the question – do we really want to be more like Australia? What would happen to our “she’ll be right” attitude? And we haven’t even mentioned Aussie’s poisonous snakes and spiders … Still, no one’s claiming that our neighbours aren’t good mates. But neither do we have to feel second-rate. We stand on our own feet, side by side. As one Aucklander said to me last week, Australia’s like the South Island. Not a place to live, but it’s great to know they’re there. ”

See why New Zealanders are moving back to NZ here:
Not so lucky by Tim Watkin – New Zealand Listener,

The New Zealand Listener is the country’s only national, weekly current affairs and entertainment magazine. It covers the political, cultural and literary life of the country, as well as carrying television and radio programme listings for the main national broadcasters.


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