More on Britney and Kev

First off, American radio DJ Jason Cage has set up the website, urging Britney Spears to dump husband Kevin Federline.

Cage, who is responsible for, a site dedicated to thin actress Lindsay Lohan, launched the site as part of an effort to make Spears “remove the boil that is Kevin from herself and her payroll”.

The site sells t-shirts with anti-Federline slogans and lists a host of unflattering details about the back-up dancer, including the fact that he started dating Spears while his ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson, was pregnant with their second child.

Visitors to the site can play a Britney Bingo game to predict when the couple will split and can even sign a K-Fed Up petition, urging Spears to dump Federline as soon as possible.

The petition has already collected around 10,000 signatures. great website

Ninemsn entertainment news also commented last week on Britney and Kev:

When you’re filthy rich and famous like Britney Spears you don’t need to marry for money. But the nugget of wisdom in this week’s entertainment news is this: wealthy or not, don’t get hitched to someone unemployed who also sports a nickname like The Rat. You would think it goes without saying — that the alarm bells would automatically start ringing (loudly). Alas, not for Britney, who must surely be thinking “Oops, I did it again” when reflecting on her doomed second marriage.

Sick of her husband, Kevin Federline’s partying ways, she finally summoned the courage to kick him out of the house … only to follow him to the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles where he checked in. Okay, so she’s clearly not a woman of steely resolve. But perhaps the news that her free-loading husband will seek $125 million from her should they split might be just the motivation she needs to ditch him for good.

Kevin claims he still loves Britney, but he isn’t impressed she’s put her foot down.

“It’s days before Christmas, I’m out on the streets and people point the finger and say, ‘Ho, ho, ho, it’s Mr Britney Spears — you must be on a good thing, buddy’. What a joke!” he’s reportedly told friends.

Love her or loathe her, there’s no question Britney has married way beneath her.


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