Jap pirates and the good pirates of the Southern Ocean

Paul Watson, captain of the “Farley Mowat”, which is chasing the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean, writes a piece in The Age The good pirates of the Southern Ocean

The whole article is worth reading. A few quotes”

“The Southern Ocean, specifically the area formally known as the Australian
Antarctic Territory, now rivals the 17th-century Caribbean for the reported acts
of piracy during the past two weeks.

The Japanese whalers are accusing Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace crew members of being pirates. Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace are accusing the whalers of being pirates.”

“There are pirates of profit like the Japanese, pirates of opportunity like the
politicians, and pirates of compassion like Sea Shepherd.

It is a little difficult to cast Sea Shepherd unpaid volunteers selflessly and legally trying to save the lives of whales as ruthless pirates. On the other hand, the Japanese whalers are illegally stealing and killing whales from a sanctuary for whales and from the territory that is supposed to be under the authority of Australia.

Which brings us to the motivation of those pirates in Canberra. What is in it for them that they consistently refuse to protect Australian territory from illegal foreign exploitation.

The answer is the same for Australian politicians today as it was for British politicians in 1650 – there’s money to be made, under the table and through the back door, trade agreements to consider, and, after all, some pirates, especially the Japanese, have good public relations firms and powerful financial backing.”

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