Melbourne is the greatest: PM

Prime Minister John Howard has backed Melbourne’s claim to be the sporting capital of Australia with resounding praise, declaring it ‘does things better than any other city’ with events like the Commonwealth Games.

In comments that strike at the heart of the rivalry between Australia’s two biggest cities, Mr Howard said Melbourne’s ‘sense of civic pride’ helped create a unique atmosphere in the Victorian capital.

He described Sydney as ‘disaggregated’ and implied the New South Wales capital – where he lives himself – was not as ideally suited to large-scale sporting events, despite the widely-acclaimed success of the Sydney Olympics in 2000.”

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Aussies can’t hack the Haka


“The Australian newspaper complained on Monday that New Zealand’s rugby side had performed half a dozen haka after their gold medal last Friday.

New Zealand swimmers and officials performed a stirring haka after Moss Burmester won the 200m butterfly on Thursday but then did another to celebrate a bronze in the women’s 4x200m freestyle relay.

“The haka is powerful medicine, a way of welcoming honored guests and of intimidating foes. Don’t devalue it,” The Australian wrote.

But New Zealand team officials were unrepentant on Tuesday.

“The first question is – too many for whom?” New Zealand chef-de-mission Dave Currie told The New Zealand Herald.

“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi doesn’t quite cut it,” he said of the popular Australian chant.”

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Australian government shuts-down satirical web site poking fun at the PM.

Proof that John Howard is a scum bag, and wouldn’t think twice about censoring the media.

A spoof John Howard website, that featured a soul searching “apology” speech for the Iraq war, has been shut down under orders from the Australian Government.

They said that the new sedition laws wouldn’t apply to satire, cartoons or other media making fun of politicians or the government.

While the owner of the site hasn’t been charged with anything, the fact remains that his free speech has been denied.

Isn’t this what they do in fascist states?

Sorry, I forgot, I am in one.

Government orders spoof site shut

Germaine Greer nominates Helen Clark as the ideal PM.

Dr Greer also warned the prospect of the US having its first female president could be ‘bittersweet’. She likened US Secretary of State and potential Republican presidential candidate Condoleezza Rice to Walt Disney’s villainous Cruella DeVil from 101 Dalmatians.

And Dr Greer said US senator Hillary Clinton was too closely linked to her former president husband Bill Clinton. She said both were unlikely to put a quick end to US military involvement in Iraq.

Dr Greer said her ideal female leader was New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark.”

This bizarrely in an article about Greer being upset by a Holden ad.
Holden ad ‘humiliates women’ – National –

Immigration pay boy $400,000

From the SMH

A $400,000 federal government compensation payout to an 11-year-old Iranian boy who suffered psychological harm in Australian detention centres has been described by his lawyers as a “landmark outcome”.

The NSW Supreme Court today approved the compensation offer to Shayan Badraie who sued the immigration department on the grounds he was psychologically harmed while living at Woomera and Villawood detention centres between 2000 and 2002.

Shayan was in detention between the ages of five and seven. He developed post-traumatic stress disorder, which resulted in numerous hospitalisations when he refused to eat, drink or talk. The boy witnessed traumatic events such as suicide attempts, self harm and abuse, in both detention centres.

See my old blog entry here for details of pst children in detention stuff