Ockers more interested in tabloid news than real issues

From the News Interactive website (Murdoch’s lot) an amusing tale of what Aussies are really interested in.

“it has not gone unnoticed among colleagues in the newspapers that the stories on the front pages of the newspapers – the hard news, the issues of the day – are not the ones that are popular on the news websites.

The quick ratings systems that provide instant information on what people are clicking on are a useful guide to what is raising the pulse of the Australian public at any one moment.

Here’s a piece of stats trivia from the week: not one story on industrial relations or the Cole inquiry was among our top 10 stories. The Cole inquiry rattles along exposing, at the very least, a troubling reality that matters crucial to national security and the integrity of Australian business didn’t worry the Prime Minister’s officials enough to bring them to his attention.”

Week in review – NEWS.com.au

The top stories that interested the average ocker?

1. Man ‘sleep-divorces’ wife

2. Alba, Playboy Settle

3. Does Jessica Rowe Giggle Too Much?

4. Property market tipped to boom

5. Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins eyes Logie award

Noticed this Headline today:

“Ex-AWB chief fingers Downer”

With a line like that, bound to get everyone looking.


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