Murdoch Press in Oz poo-poos Global Warming


When six leading Australian CEOs went public last Thursday with their concerns about climate change “there is broad consensus that climate change is real, the impacts may be significant and we need to act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” said the bosses of BP, IAG, Origin Energy, Swiss Re, Visy and Westpac they didn’t get very far. Their calls for Australia to reduce its greenhouse emissions over coming decades were largely ignored by policy-makers, poo-pooed by the Business Council and ridiculed by Australia’s climate guardians at the Murdoch press, who made these insightful comments.

“It is what happens to such emissions in the US, Europe, China and India that is going to determine the climate outcome. What we do is completely irrelevant. It’s not like we can achieve a nice climate outcome just for Australia, somehow isolating our emissions and our, reduced, greenhouse gases above our land-space … It’s not based in either science, logic or even good sorry, would you accept ‘not completely dodgy’? economics.” – Terry McCrann

“Even if climate change is man-made, there is nothing Australia can do to change it in any way we could measure. Our emissions will be dwarfed by India’s and China’s for a start. So we’re being sold snake oil that won’t solve a problem that might well not be our fault … It might not even be a problem. The House of Lords report even suggested we might not be worse off with warming, on the whole, given how much better plants will grow.” Andrew Bolt

Just why Rupert Murdoch allows or directs his attack-dogs to ridicule the idea that climate change is an unfolding global calamity his flagship The Australian usually leads the charge, followed by several columnists isn’t hard to understand. It’s about money and you get to kick the liberals in the process. But if he ever becomes convinced that the climate problem is real, or that it is crazy not to take precautions in case it’s real, there will be some very sour attack-dogs wandering around without red meat.

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