Bush tries to re-write Genesis …of the war on Iraq

Very interesting article published on The Progressive’s web site.

It appears that Bush is trying to drum up more fear amongst the US public by comparing Al Qaeda to the Soviet Union and the Cold war. In addition he is trying to change the history of the current War on Iraq.


“When the United Nations Security Council gave him one final chance to disclose and disarm, or face serious consequences, he refused to take that final opportunity. So coalition forces went into Iraq and removed his cruel regime.”

Actually, Saddam had been cooperating, to a large extent, with the U.N. weapons inspectors. And he had no weapons of mass destruction to disarm. Weapons inspectors were begging the Security Council for more time, but Bush refused to give it to them. And Bush acted like was doing the Security Council’s bidding by invading when, in actual fact, the Security Council refused to give its blessing to the invasion.

That’s why Kofi Annan called it illegal.

No doubt he’ll request that all American school history books list this as fact.

Anyway, full article here.
Definitely worth a read.

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