Australian Pests

Discussion with Aussie work mates last night moved to the subject of possums, and they being a pest in NZ. Can’t remember why we were talking about that. Anyway, it got me thinking this AM, and here is the result:


The possum is high on cuteness, and equally high in nuisance value. The Possum in tree.  Photo: Rod Morris/DOC.Australian brush tailed possum was introduced into New Zealand in 1837 to establish a fur trade.

In its native land the possum is up against dingoes, bush fires and less palatable vegetation, but in New Zealand conditions are so favourable it often breeds twice in one year. It is estimated that the New Zealand possum population now tops 70 million and chomps its way through seven million tonnes of vegetation per year.

The above link also describes eradication techniques.
I wonder if these work on other Australian pests? There are some links at the bottom about poisoning too. Very useful……

Other links useful to getting rid of Aussies, er, Possums:


Other Aussies in NZ:



— Fun to shoot and hang from power lines along the route from Hastings to Palmerston North – the Hawkes Bay NPC team is called The Magpies.
  – May be they were just pissed? Pretty common in Melbourne on a Saturday night.

Australian Sedge — NZ Cows say it tastes like shit. Aussie cows know no different.

Sedge Picture




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