A Melbourne visitor enjoys its Murders

Stumbled across an interesting artcile on Melbourne written by a visitor who I guess is Indian as the article is in “The Hindu”.
The Hindu : An Australian murder

While some observations weren’t quite right – for example the generalisation that you need a million dollars to buy a house in a far-away suburb (you only need $400,000 for that), some of his other comments were spot on, or amusing.

Here are some snippets that I enjoyed:

AUSTRALIA is a wonderful country, especially for murders. I believe a good murder unites the people of this vast, sparsely populated country more than any sport.


Melbournites have become an impatient people. If they have to wait for a traffic light to change twice, they consider it a major traffic jam. With such a bounty and the vast landscape, its no wonder that Australia has one of the highest traffic fatality rates in the world.


The city feels American… Melbourne is filling with tycoons, moguls, magnates, billionaires and mere millionaires. The newspapers keep a daily scorecard of rising property prices, on their front pages.


What I admire about the Australians is that despite such bloated prices, they do preserve their heritage.

Regarding the King / Society murders which occurred during the visit:

My wait for a good murder also ended. I knew that Australia wouldn’t fail me. The “society” murders hit the front pages and TV News screens a week after I arrived….Strangely, little was written about Mr. King. Mrs. King had the money, so she was given the closest attention. Even in death, the money mattered most.

And his final summation:

Australia’s a beautiful country, and always lays on a good murder for entertainment.

Visit the author at www.timerimurari.com

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