Antony Loewenstein – My Israel Question and Australia’s Israel lobby’s attempt to silence contrarian voices

Antony Loewenstein is author of My Israel Question, and has just recently been launched.

Antony is a Sydney-based Journalist whos writings have appeared in both the Fairfax (The Age, Sydney Morning Herald) and in Murdoch’s “The Australian”.

He is also Jewish.

His book has caused controversy since it was announced as being written last year, with a federal member of parliament, Michael Danby, going on an attack saying that the book “was an attack on the mainstream Australian Jewish community.”

Loewenstein said last year “incredibly disappointing” that Danby would try to “dictate policy” to a publisher. It’s a matter of free speech, he said: “It should be acceptable for a Jew or anyone else to criticise Israel or any other country.”

“The attitude is ‘there’s one line and one perspective (on the Israel/Palestine conflict) and if you dare to question it then look out’,” said Loewenstein, “it’s like ‘this is a war and there’s no room for dissent’.”
In todays Australian Loewenstein writes:

There is an unfortunate tendency by the Zionist lobby in many countries to try to restrict robust debate on matters related to Israel, Judaism and the Holocaust. The strong implication is that our secular society isn’t mature enough to withstand opinions some may find offensive or false. Alternative viewpoints and narratives should exist in a democracy, though when it comes to the Middle East, Arab or Palestinian perspectives are rarely offered the same column space or air time given to Israeli or Western sources. The present conflict should ensure we hear equally from Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel.

My Israel Question Book Review in The Australian,20867,19907559-5003900,00.html

Sounds like a good read.

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