Rape, Murder and State Terrorism

So many disturbing stories today, I’m just going to list them.

US Marines Rape / Murder Trial

First off we have the trial of those soldiers I mentioned a few months ago that raped a girl and then covered it up by killing her and her family. Nice.
Rape and murder described in military court

Iraq's flag. A United States military court heard graphic testimony yesterday on how US soldiers took turns to hold down and rape a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and murdered her and her family.

More from the BBC

From the Observer:
Soldiers ‘hit golf balls before going out to kill family’

Aussie Government forcibly sends refugees home to their deaths

Next, it appears that Australia’s Immigration Department has a case to answer for, again.

Aussies Rejected refugees sent home to die: families tell harrowing stories
NINE rejected asylum seekers forcibly repatriated by Australia to Afghanistan are believed to have been killed upon their return.

Israeli Terrorism Update

And finally, the Israelis are bombing blindly again, last night killing masses of civilians.
Bombing kills 40 in village and cuts relief artery to southern Lebanon

Smoke and fire rises after an Israeli airstrike hit the suburbs of Beirut. AN ISRAELI air raid killed more than 40 people in a Lebanese village and other strikes killed 19.

Israel widens targets to hit civilian sites

ISRAEL plans to ramp up its offensive in Lebanon by attacking the nation’s strategic civilian infrastructure to make Beirut more amenable to ceasefire proposals acceptable to Jerusalem.

Bloody night in Beirut as Israel intensifies aerial bombardment

More die as US and France fail to strike a deal

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