Atrocities at Qana

Images care of the Sydney Morning Herald

Bodies recovered from under the rubble of a demolished building in the southern village of Qana near the port city of Tyre in Lebanon. The area was struck by Israeli war plane missiles on Sunday July 30, killing over 50 civilians including children. Photo: AP

A civil defense worker carries the body of a child recovered from the rubble. Photo: AP/Nasser Nasser

Children, one as young as 9 months, were removed from under a collapsed building on the outskirts of Qana. People had fled there for protection but the building was hit twice in the missile attack. Photo: Jeroen Kramer

A dead child…one of the many victims of the air strike. Photo: Jeroen Kramer

Pictures from: Atrocities at Qana –


7 thoughts on “Atrocities at Qana

  1. Hey – the top picture with the dead – why does it look like the guy on the left is sitting up? I guess they should wait next time when taking a staged picture until everyone there is ready.

  2. Hi Taltalk. Thanks for your comments.

    From what I have read, the guy sitting up is as dead as Yitzak Rabin, and is in a stae of Rigor Mortis.

    I understand the direction of your comment – that is the suggestion that some of the photographs may have been ‘arranged’ or staged. I don’t think that there is any suggestion that the subjects aren’t dead, just that one of the photographers may have posed some shots.

    A good starting point for anyone interested is:

    Whether they were posed or not, it doesn’t change the fact that they are dead from a deliberate IDF terrorist bombing.

  3. You’re forgetting that each time Israel bombed (and I’d like to remind you it was a war, not just random unprovoced bombings), Israel sent leaflets for 2 days and announced they were coming in. You don’t see that happening anywhere else. The reason you don’t have pics like from Israel is because we have a greater respect for our dead, and Jews will NEVER EVER show dead bodies. Neither will the US. And the IDF is not a terrorist organization and has not been recognized as such by ANY international organization (as opposed to the Hezbollah, Hamas, etc.)

  4. Yes, I agree, it was a war that Israel declared on Lebanon. The thing is, most of the world would also agree that it was a bizarre knee-jerk attack.

    The IDF carried out at least 12,000 air attacks and fired some 237,000 artillery shells into southern Lebanese towns and villages. This massive bombardment killed 1300 civilians, one-third of them children; displaced 1 million civilians (a quarter of Lebanon’s population); and destroyed 15,500 apartment units, 34,000 houses and business premises, 350 schools and two hospitals.

    All because Hezbollah resistance fighters captured 2 soldiers during a July 12 border skirmish. And that was in response to a border attack by Israel the day before.

    That is state terrorism:

    And so I stand by my claim that the IDF conducted terrorist operations in Lebanon.

    Open your eyes, read wider.

    Something for your entertainment:
    “In Palestine, a War on Children ”

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  6. I’ve read the wiki article. Are you saying that because palestine isn’t a declared state and it was hezbollah’s war that this isn’t state terorrism? because it is. And saying that it was unprovoked and that the lives of two soldiers aren’t important is wrong. Katyushas never stopped falling in northern israel. at most, there were less than before. so many israelis were also killed during this war, and hundreds have lost their homes as well. the only difference in casualties between lebanon and israel isn’t due to israel being bad and lebanon being good. it’s because israelis in the area of conflict ran away or were on bomb shelters the whole time. most of the citizens killed during the war had left the shelters to stock up on supplies. and none of our people hide behind children for protection. You have your write to claim it was terrorist operations. no problem. just know that thousands of people and businesses and homes were destroyed here too, and everyone lives were disrupted here as well. and by the way, have you seen the rockets that were fired into israel? they’re crazy. each countaining thousands of small bullets inside them.

    the lebanese – especially the hezbollah – aren’t innocent either.

  7. Hi taltalk. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree regarding the ethics of the war, who started it etc.

    In regards to Hezbollah and the rockets – the Katyushas started falling in response to the attacks on civilian areas in Lebanon.

    My understanding, from other press articles, is that there had been an agreement between Hezbollah and Israel not to attack civilian areas, and that agreement had held for the last 5 years or so.

    Hezbollah retaliated with the rockets only after Israel started dropping bombs (and now where here that included white phosphorus and cluster bombs) in civilian areas, breaking the agreement.

    Even so, two wrongs don’t make a right. Any attack on civilians is despicable, and so I agree with you that in firing rockets into civilian areas of Israel, Hezbollah also committed a crime.

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