John Howard beats the refugee drum again

Amusing ditty in The Age by Tracee Hutchison, accusing J Howard of being desperate playing the race and immigration card again. No! Really?

 Definitely worth a read. 

The Howard Government is in trouble in an election year and it’s playing the “we will decide who comes to this country card”. Sound familiar? With nowhere to hide on a series of blunders over Iraq, David Hicks and the environment, with the economy threatening to tip entire suburbs of Howard’s battlers out of their first-home-buyer-bonus-bought houses and an Opposition Leader who has knocked the Eveready-Bear stuffing out of the PM, it’s time for Tampa Mark II.

Welcome to Howard’s Australia, where we specialise in welcome-to-the-country ceremonies for people fleeing persecution. These welcoming rituals require you to be incarcerated in a part of Australia that isn’t technically Australia. Please be under no illusions about this. You have not arrived in Australia. And do not be fooled that the name Christmas Island suggests generosity. It doesn’t. Our specially trained welcoming guards will monitor your every move, ensuring you talk only to each other, as talking to a stranger who may want to offer you legal advice is not something we encourage if you haven’t technically reached the Australian mainland. …..

Source: Refugee talk? Oh, right! It’s a poll year – Opinion –

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