Virginia Tech: Just get over it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007.

I can’t stand hearing more about the Virginia Tech. Not because it upsets me, but because it seems so two-faced. People are asking “how could this happen?”

Easy: allow nutters easy access to weapons as is currently the case. If the bloke had has to make do with a knife or an axe, then we on the other side of the world would not be hearing about it.

Of course, if this massacre had taken place in Iraq at the hands of a USMC squad, it would have made the news because non-American lives don’t matter.

More than 30 Americans are killed every day either by guns or cars. No one is upset if 30 people die in clumps of 1-3.

So, stop asking “why” and “how” – it is easy – psychos kill, and when they get their hands on weapons that can kill large clumps of people, they do.

Perhaps the deaths are just collateral damage for a ridiculous policy of allowing the public to arm themselves with weapons that should only be held by those in the armed forces?

Nothing in comparison to white phosphor bombs dropped on Iraqi cities or US cluster bombs dropped over a whole country.

Pathetically small number of people really to be hogging the news lime-light.

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One thought on “Virginia Tech: Just get over it.

  1. You had me until, “Easy: allow nutters easy access to weapons…”

    Don’t you guys get it? It’s not about gun control. Gun control is only a band aid. The REAL issue is how society is so bent, that the only way we listen to a kid in distress because of bullying and other social cruelties is through violence.

    When will people learn that they cannot be cruel jerks to someone else and expect to escape the consequences?

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