On mobile and driving = bloody idiot

I couldn’t agree more with the outcome of this research . Whenever I see someone weaving around, speeding up and slowing down in an unpredictable manner, I initially think they are drunk. Usually though it is someone on a mobile.

See the full article for more details.

clipped from www.theage.com.au
USING a hands-free mobile phone behind the wheel could be more
dangerous than drink driving, new research has shown.

Motorists under the influence of alcohol performed better than
those driving while talking on a hand-held or hands-free phone, the
study by Britain’s Transport Research Laboratory found.

It also found that the risk of a crash was four times higher
when the driver was on the phone.

The laboratory’s Nick Reed said the latest research
Conversations in cars: the relative hazards of mobile phones
, showed that drivers revealed a significant impairment when making
mobile phone calls while driving. “In some aspects of driving
behaviour, speaking on a mobile phone is worse than being at the
legal alcohol limit,” he said. (The limit is 0.8 in Britain).

“The observed impairment was similar regardless of whether the
call was made using a hand-held phone or using a hands-free

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One thought on “On mobile and driving = bloody idiot

  1. I have been guilty of using a phone in the past while friving, but I feel that they have to start catching more people at the wheel with a mobile and fines being handed out for the message to get through.

    as well as more public awareness, but the fines will probably work the most…

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