Chinese ship crew moon the US Navy – continued

According to The Telegraph, the soldiers mooned the Navy crew – now I’m not sure if they just dropped their pants or went all the way. As more information is made available, I’ll keep you updated with this important piece of news.

In what a Pentagon official described as a “bizarre” incident, Chinese crew members on board one vessel bared their bottoms after the USNS Impeccable had sprayed them with hoses.

via Chinese ships ‘harass’ unarmed US navy vessel – Telegraph.

The Chinese have responded to the US allegations of harassment, saying it is the US that is harassing them by conducting illegal surveying in China’s special economic zone, AND it suggests the U.S. “do more things beneficial to the stable development of China-U.S. relations. ”
Reuters Article

I think the U.S should be careful if they don’t want China to increase their interest rate.

In addition, here are some more details not shed some light on the matter:

The Impeccable did not carry large-caliber weapons and was operated by civilians for the Military Sealift Command, Pentagon officials said.

The surveillance mission, focused on undersea warfare, may be of particular interest to the Chinese military, which has invested heavily in a new fleet of diesel-powered attack submarines.

Pentagon officials say that while the diesel variety is not as potent as the Navy’s nuclear fast-attack submarines, the submarines are cheaper and can be purchased in greater numbers, giving the Chinese the potential to overwhelm American defenses at sea.

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