Use of WP by Taliban on Western Forces reprehensible

After using WP themselves, and supplying it to Israel to drop on Palestinians, now the US military are complaining about it being used against them.

Right-wing news sources usually say stuff like: “White phosphorus is not banned by any treaty that the United States has signed.”

That’s because the US doesn’t like to sign any international treaties that might get them in trouble. Like the International Criminal Court.

clipped from
Taleban fighters have been using deadly white phosphorus munitions, some of
them manufactured in Britain, to attack Western forces in Afghanistan,
according to previously classified United States documents released
Last night the US military in Kabul condemned the use of white phosphorus by
the insurgents as “reprehensible”. White phosphorus is banned as an
offensive weapon under international rules of armed conflict.
Major Willis confirmed that the US and Nato’s International Security
Assistance Force used white phosphorus in Afghanistan but never as an
anti-personnel weapon. “That’s not allowed under the terms of international
law,” she said.
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